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Multiplication Bead Board

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Wooden multiplication board with 100 red beads, 10 cards labelled 1-10 and a red disc in a wooden box. Using the Multiplication Bead Board is used for practice with the multiplication tables 1x1 though 10x10.


Multiplication board: natural color board has 10 rows of vertical and horizontal, a total of 100 round holes Printed on top of 1-10 digits (equivalent to multiply the number of return, on behalf of the multiplier). There is a slightly larger round hole on the left top, put a red small round logo (indicating the number of multiplication back) in it. Have a hole in the center left side to insert a digital card, can be seen from the hole in the figures on the digital card.


Memory 100 or less multiplication.

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Dimensions: board size:29*29*1cm,box size:12*10*5.5cm

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