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Sound Boxes

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2 sets of 6 sealed wooden cylinders that make distinctive sounds when shaken. The cylinders are graded from very soft to loud and each cylinder has either a red or a blue top and is contained in a wooden box with a matching red or blue lid.


Two identical wooden boxes each containing six identical hollow wooden cylinders filled with different objects so that, when shaken they each emit a different sound.
One box has a red cover with hollow cylinders having red lids, the other box has a blue cover with hollow cylinders having blue lids.
The sounds made by the cylinders are paired, i.e. the sound made by one cylinder in the red set matches the sound made by its equivalent cylinder in the blue set.


1 The Directress sits beside the child. start with three sets of distinct cylinders first.

2 She takes out one set of the cylinders from the blue lid and arrange them in a column on the left side of the table, which we shall call side A.

3 The other set from the red lid is then align in another column on the right side, called side B.

4 The directress then shows how to hold and shake the cylinder.

5 Invite the child to take one cylinder and to shake them near the ear.

6 The Directress then starts the pairing exercise.

First, she takes a cylinder from side A, shakes it at her own ear and then at one of the child's ear.

1 Then, she takes one of the cylinders from side B, shakes it at her own ear and then the child's other ear, asking "Is it the same sound?".

2 Encourage the child to try finding the matching cylinder from side B.

3 When a match is found, the pair of cylinders is placed in the middle between the two columns of cylinders.

4 Continue in this manner till all the cylinders are matched.

5 Directress may use the Three Period Lesson to teach the child the terminology, "loud, soft".

Points Of Interest

The Sound Boxes are a valuable piece of apparatus in the nursery. They help the child to listen and concentrate. Also, if a child has a hearing defect it is easily detected.
A general rule for the direction of the senses should be in this order:
(a) Recognition of identities (the pairing of similar objects).
(b) Recognition of contrasts (the presentation of the extremes of a series of objects)
(c) Discrimination between objects very similar to one another.
To enable a child to fully concentrate upon the sensory stimulus that falls upon him at a particular moment, it is well, as far as possible. to isolate the sense; for instance, to obtain silence in the room for all the exercises and to blindfold the eyes. Encourage the Directress do try that out themselves. One would be surprised to find out that all the sensations of touch and hearing really appear more acute and more easily recognized.


Refine the child's auditory sense.

Develop the child's auditory memory.

Provide experiences in matching and grading.

Enhance the auditory sense.


Once the child knows the object of the exercise, he can take out the cylinders from the Sound Boxes and pair them himself.
A second exercise involves grading one set of cylinders in order of loudest to softest.

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